The GBHS has entered a partnership with Auburn University's College of Veterinary Medicine, providing two-week externships to four 4th-year vet students every 2 weeks. Under veterinarian supervision, this program provides mentorship and surgical experience to improve students' surgical skills and familiarity with emergency vet care. Also, students will gather data on animal population, disease trends, and trends in adoptions. 

Each student costs the GBHS $1,000 to host and teach on-site. This money will help offset each student's on-site housing and medical packs for 28 weeks - enabling us to host 28 students. One student can assist with and/or provide up to 20 spay neuter surgeries/day (200 per externship) as well as 60 hours of emergency coverage. 

A donation in any amount will help offset the cost of this invaluable program

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